I wanted to share a little bit of my story in the hopes that it will help those of you who just joined this amazing program. Back in August 2017, I started my dissertation. I had a chair I was excited about, and he is well known, very published, and has some interesting experiences. My school works on a quarter system, and I was with this chair for 33 weeks with no approval of my prospectus. I was discouraged and frustrated because my chair was impossible to communicate with. I would email, text, and call with no responses. Eventually, and with some encouragement from other colleagues, I decided to take this to my program director and request a change of chairs. She was very accommodating, and in May 2018, I was provided with an entirely new committee. Now, I was still gun-shy and very unmotivated as the previous experience had not been a great one. I spoke with Aztex Spartan Rivera, and she shared her success with this organization. It was such an inspiring discussion that I decided to go for it and invest in a coach. In the last three months, with the amazing DR Candace as my coach and support, I not only have an approved Prospectus, but just spoke to my chair today and have only very minor edits for Chapter 1. My chair believes I can graduate by next July/August. From struggling with a chair I couldn’t communicate with to seeing such great forward progress, this program is incredible for keeping me focused and on track. Thank you for creating a great program that has helped propel me towards the completion of my dissertation but also made me excited again about my studies.