Why should I finish my doctoral thesis/dissertation, and why don't others make it?

Greetings Doctoral Candidate,

Congratulations on making it this far in your educational career!

Are you currently working on a doctoral thesis/dissertation or approaching the start of dissertation courses? If so, then you are in the right place.

U.S. News & World Report noted that people with doctoral degrees will earn $2 million+ more than those holding bachelors degrees over their lifetime! In fact, holding a doctoral degree still remains one of the most prestigious academic distinctions in the world.

Yet, only about half of doctoral students actually obtain it, so the total number of terminally degreed individuals in the United States sits at less than 1%. Why is this?

According to the PhD Completion Project, the latest completion rates for doctoral students entering a program and finishing within 7 years are between 55% and 64%, depending on the field. This same source reported that over 50,000 students drop out of their doctorate program each year!


  • Lack of proper mentoring and support
  • Feelings of aimlessness and exhaustion
  • Lack of community
  • Poor relationships with supervisors.
  • The professional and psychological consequences of remaining in ABD status can be serious and debilitating.

And don’t forget the money. Doctoral students who don’t finish stand to lose tens of thousands of tuition dollars as well as potential future income.

That’s why we developed Dissertation Success Boot Camp – to help propel you forward and position you for the best chance of success in earning your doctorate!

Who should sign up for this Boot Camp?

The Dissertation Success Boot Camp is for doctoral students who are in the dissertation stage and are fully committed to making progress on their work.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the doctoral thesis/dissertation process?

Do you feel stressed and isolated?

Are you failing to motivate yourself and focus on what you need to do?

Are the steps that you need to take to develop your doctoral thesis/dissertation confusing?

Do you find that it’s difficult to hold yourself accountable to deadlines?

Do you find that you lack support and motivation to make progress?

Do you feel like no matter how hard you work or how many times you draft a chapter that you are not making progress?

The stage you are in doesn’t matter, If you feel stuck, discouraged, or unsure about how to move forward, this boot camp is for you.

If you are confident in your work and looking for a big push to get to the next phase, this boot camp is for you.

No matter what stage you are in this boot camp can help propel your work to the next level and help better position you for success.

Why should I choose this Boot Camp?

The Dissertation Success Institute is comprised of an elite team of experts having over 50 years of research experience.

We focus on results and outcomes.

Our success means that you finish your dissertation.

Our only goal is to help you accomplish this major lifetime achievement.

As a small, dedicated, team of professors, dissertation chairs, methodologists, executive coaches, and curriculum developers, we know the world of academia and how to successfully complete a doctoral thesis/dissertation.

Our team of dedicated coaches are here and waiting to help you take back control of your academic workload, with a fresh new perspective and practical assistance that will ease your stress and provide you with true and genuine support. 

What colleges and universities have your clients attended?
Northeastern University Samar State University Morgan State University
Grand Canyon University University Southern Cal Southern New Hampshire University
Walden University University of the Rockies Regent University
Columbus State University Arizona State University Georgia Southern University
University of New England Lincoln Memorial University University of Missouri-Kansas City
Northcentral University Prescott College University of Colorado
Concordia University East Tennessee State University University of South Alabama
Capella University University of Washington Texas State University
University of Texas at Austin Widener university University of Nevada Las Vegas
University of North Texas Abilene Christian University Caldwell University
Gwynedd Mercy University The College of William and Mary University of Cumberlands
Liberty University University of Phoenix Marquette University
Bowling green state university Ohio Fielding Graduate University University of Essex
Sam Houston State University Amridge University Seattle University
Rutgers University California Southern University Florida Atlantic University
University of West Florida American University Seattle Pacific University
Aurora University Ohio University University of Southern Mississippi
Indiana University of PA Wayne State University Temple University
Texas A&M University Virginia Tech Kennesaw State University
University of Alabama Ball State University The University of Tokyo
St. John Fisher College  UC Davis North Carolina A&T
What about ethical boundaries?

Please be sure to review our Guidelines and Ethical Boundaries that we expect all clients to follow and that we abide by. We have developed a very respected reputation among students, dissertation chairs, and universities to provide coaching to dissertation students. We will not ever put this reputation at risk.

What areas can you coach me in?


  • Coach you on how to summarize the contents of your thesis to complete the introduction
  • Coach you on how to describe the background of the problem
  • Coach you on how to summarize the theoretical foundations and review of the literature
  • Coach you on how to identify the problem statement
  • Coach you on how to identify the purpose of your study
  • Coach you on how to describe the research questions
  • Coach you on how to identify the significance of your study
  • Coach you on how to describe the research methodology
  • Coach you on how to complete the research design
  • Coach you on how to describe the instrumentation
  • Coach you on how to describe the data collection procedures
  • Coach you on how to describe data analysis procedures
  • Coach you on how to describe the ethical considerations


  • Coach you on how to summarize the contents of your thesis to complete the introduction
  • Coach you on how to identify the problem and to complete the problem statement
  • Coach you on how to identify the purpose of your study
  • Coach you on how to prepare the research questions
  • Coach you on how to identify the advancing scientific knowledge
  • Coach you on how to identify the significance of your study
  • Coach you on how to describe the rationale for methodology
  • Coach you on how to describe the nature of the research design for your study
  • Coach you on how to prepare the definition of terms
  • Coach you on how to make assumptions, limitations, and delimitations of your study
  • Coach you on how to summarize and organize your study


  • Coach you on how to identify and retrieve the full text of each journal article or other source
  • Coach you on how to identify, retrieve, and make copies for you of the source materials, both theoretical and empirical, which are appropriate for your topic, hypotheses/questions, and variables
  • Coach you on how to retrieve and copy the source materials as needed for your topic hypotheses/questions, and your variables
  • Coach you on how to identify and review the current information in your field
  • Coach you on how to describe and cross-reference the pertinent current information related to your topic
  • Coach you on how to assembling the literature review around your hypotheses, questions, and variables


  • Assist you in the design of your quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-methods study
  • Assist you in the formulation of research questions and hypotheses
  • Assist you in the identification and articulation of research design and methodologies
  • Help you determine the appropriate population, sampling method, and sample size
  • Coach you to understand when to use parametric and nonparametric analyses (for quantitative)
  • Help you decide which statistical analysis to use (for quantitative)
  • Help you describe data collection and management techniques
  • Assist you in instrument development and evaluation

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  • Assist you in Qualtrics or SurveyMonkey formatting
  • Assist you in invitation settings for sharing the survey link
  • Assist you in improving the visual settings for your survey
  • Assist you in beta-testing the survey links for formatting and presentation
  • Assist you in downloading data after surveys have been completed


  • Assist you in obtaining the required IRB forms
  • Assist you in completing the required IRB forms
  • Assist you in revising submitted forms based on feedback
  • Assist you in submitting IRB modification requests based on changes to research instruments


  • Assist you in conducting SPSS analysis of quantitative data
  • Assist you in conducting UCInet analysis of social network data
  • Assist you in conducting Nvivo analysis of qualitative data
  • Assist you in presenting your data analysis in a meaningful visual and narrative format


  • Help you discuss your data based on your results from data analysis
  • Help you identify findings from your results
  • Help you identify suggestions and recommendations possible from your results
  • Help you draw reasonable conclusions from your results, discussion and recommendations.
  • Help prepare you to defend your study
  • Help prepare your study for journal publication


*Included in all boot camps

  • One-on-one private support
  • Professional advice
  • Academic guidance
  • Support with the doctoral thesis/dissertation process
  • Time management
  • Goal planning
  • Motivation
  • Support with troubles surrounding your chair or committee
  • Preparing your oral defense
  • Guidance with the publishing process


FREE! Academic Publishing Guide. Academic publishing is a great way to become an accomplished person within your field of interest. While the process may initially see intimidating, this guide lays out specific points and action items that guide you through in concise steps of publishing your dissertation as a journal article.

What is the retail value of the Boot Camp?
  • A Dedicated Coach and Methodologist, Accountability, Support, and Mentoring, Daily Support in our online community, Enrollment in our online, self-paced, training courses – $1,000 value
  • Unlimited Scheduled calls with your dedicated coach – $750 value
  • Unlimited full critiques and evaluation of your current work – $900 value
  • Unlimited questions to coaches in our online community – $600 value
  • Unlimited questions to coaches via email – $600 value
  • Free access to all training, templates, and courses through our institute – $600 value
  • Post-Boot Camp Forum Support for 4 Months – $225 value

During our strategy call with you, we will closely assess your needs, including your current status with your dissertation, what obstacle you are facing, your motivation level to overcome these obstacles, if we are a good fit to work together, an how we can develop a solution to help you achieve your goals.

Only at that point, if we feel that we are a good fit and can help you, will we propose a solution and advise you on the investment required to meet your unique objectives.

Based upon your unique needs, our solutions typically start at a $700 investment up to a $7,000 investment, and many points in between.

What guarantee can you offer me if I don't like the Boot Camp?

We provide a 100% money-back guarantee!

We don’t think that you will be unhappy, but if it isn’t for you, you’ll definitely know during Week 1.

By the end of Week 1, if you have decided that this program is not for you, then you can cancel your enrollment with a full refund.

That’s right, we will refund you back 100% of what you paid because if you find that this isn’t for you, then neither you nor our company will be successful by forcing the issue.

You have absolutely no risk.

What are my payment options?
  1. Pay your tuition in full. If you wish to pay the entire tuition amount up front with a credit card, we will be able to supply you with a courtesy discount.
  2. Pay your tuition in installments. This is a great option for those who wish to spread their payments out over time – up to 6 months on some of our payment plans. Most of our enrollment options offer payment plans where we spread the payments evenly across several months and auto-bill you each month.
  3. Finance your tuition. We are pleased to provide clients with 100% Financing through PayPal Credit. If eligible, this will allow you to finance 100% of your program enrollment and have no interest, no payments for 6 months.
What happens after I finish the Boot Camp?

After you have graduated from our Dissertation Success Boot Camp, we don’t just let you go at it alone.

As a part of your initial enrollment, you will have FREE access to our coaching forum for an additional 4 months, to be able to post questions to our discussion board and have one or more of our coaches respond!

So, you get a total of 6 months of support in this program, not just 8 weeks.

Of course, you can always add-on additional phone/mentoring support.

Plus, you have the option to receive continuous support at a significantly reduced tuition rate.

You can even keep your same coach!

Post-boot camp support is available to enroll in for 4, 8, or 12 weeks at a time, and includes all of the features in our program plus unlimited coaching calls and unlimited document reviews.

The post-boot camp support tuition is almost 50% off from our regular fees.


How much can I expect to invest in this program?

Many people ask about “the price” of this program as their first question to us. While we appreciate that each person must use their financial resources efficiently, if you are looking for a “quick, cheap fix” to your doctoral thesis/dissertation problems, this program probably isn’t for you.

While our program costs MUCH less than many other programs out there, we are definitely not the “cheapest” program.

Besides, is that what you want anyway?

As you have read on this site, we are a premier coaching program with a full service attitude that provides you with a team of resources available to you during your time with us.

Also, you can tell from the testimonials that students who work with us GET RESULTS. We guarantee it.

As you consider applying to our program, just keep in mind that you WILL need funds to invest in mentoring, coaching, guidance, and a proven blueprint to help you finish your doctoral thesis/dissertation.

If you are looking to “just spend a couple hundred dollars,” then you may be approaching our program with the wrong mindset. You need to be ready to work hard and actually implement what you learn from us.

This is not a “write for me” or “do my dissertation” opportunity.

You’ll need to be coachable or we won’t work well together. If you follow our instructions and get help, you can succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

You can’t be unethical or “scammy.” There’s plenty of other programs for you if that’s the case, but this one is for serious and dedicated doctoral students looking to hire a dedicated coach that works with them.

Finally, keep in mind that when you join our program, you will get our 100% money-back, risk-free guarantee (see note about that on this page). Therefore, you have no risk with this investment.

You can probably expect to invest into our program about the same amount of funds you would for the average doctoral-level 3 credit course.

Most importantly, if we feel you are a good fit for the program (and vice versa), we will work with you to get you in so you can get the help you need.

We offer various types of payment plans along with financing/loan options for those who are ready to commit.

As you think about that – consider this scenario….

We took a university that is well known, for-profit, online university and looked at their tuition and curriculum.

Here is the breakdown of the investment:

  • Requires 5 doctoral thesis/dissertation courses at a minimum
  • Each dissertation course is 8 weeks long. That’s 40 weeks to work on the doctoral thesis/dissertation.
  • Each 8 week session costs $2,000. That’s $10,000.

So at a minimum, you are committing about 9-10 months and $10,000 towards your doctoral thesis/dissertation.

If you finish your dissertation within those 5 courses – you are golden!

You can now begin to reap the future earning potential of having a doctorate (which will more than pay for the $10,000 in dissertation courses).

BUT – we know that MOST people DO NOT FINISH during the allotted time. The universities already know this — it typically takes 12-18 months. Let’s say, you need 5 additional 8 week dissertation sessions. And let’s say, your university charges a “rolling tuition” of $1500. So that’s another 9-10 months, plus another $7,500.

So now you have spent around $17,500 into your dissertation courses.

Students in our 8 week boot camp typically finish sooner than they would had they continued to work on their own.

Really, all you need to do is finish 8 weeks sooner to break-even on your coaching investment.

Anything sooner than that is purely money in your pocket.

Of course, there are those who have been working on their dissertation for 3, 4, or even 5 years – so enrolling in our boot camp is an absolutely no-brainer as far as funds are concerned.

Make sense?

Go ahead and make this investment in yourself.

Give yourself the best chance by surrounding yourself with a team of experts who work for you to help you finish your doctoral thesis/dissertation.

And give yourself the best opportunity to finish early (or finish in general) and begin reaping the earning capabilities that will make these small investments into your education seem very trivial in the long run.

What are my next steps and options?

If you have reached this point on the page, you basically have 4 options:

  1. Just Leave Things As They Are. To me, this isn’t an ideal option, but obviously it’s your choice. But if you choose this route, think about how long you’ve been doing this whole “dissertation thing?” And if you’re determined to make a change, how much longer are you willing to wait? If now is not the right time, that’s okay. But when will it be…?
  2. Do It All Yourself. That’s definitely a valid option, but if you are reading this, is this REALLY the option you want? Maybe you’ve already tried to do it all yourself…
  3. Focus On Your Current Strategies. Nothing wrong with this option either. For all I know, you may already have had great success with your work and your committee loves your writing and you are smooth sailing. And if you’re happy with this, stick with it. If not, you may want to consider the next option…
  4. Use Our EXACT Blueprint. In other words, work with a team that has “been there, done that.” Learn from experts who has finished their own doctorates and been a part of multiple success stories from students who graduated, and helped countless others finish their own dissertations. Work with a team of coaches that provides amazing support, shows you what you need to do to make real progress, provides fast feedback and guidance, and becomes your foundation as you pursue a life-changing degree.