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4 Strategies for Completing Your Dissertation

by | Apr 6, 2021 | 0 comments

I recently read an article in Inside Higher Ed entitled “4 Strategies for Completing Your Dissertation,” in which the author shares insights from her dissertation journey. In the opening paragraph, she writes, “Many doctoral students work full-time and have families and outside responsibilities that can make completing a dissertation an impossible task. In fact, almost half of all doctoral students complete their course work but not their dissertation.” The dreaded ABD….

If you are reading this, then I presume that you want to be in the 50% of doctoral students that finish their dissertation and earn their doctoral degree. So invest a few minutes in yourself and read the article. All four of her points are very pertinent to every doctoral student.

For her second step, she writes, “Surround yourself with wise and supportive people.” Finally, she talks about how to get those around you to support you in this challenging journey.

Yet some scholars find that they need another voice – a mentor and advocate who can help them overcome roadblocks. Our dissertation coaches are experts in helping scholars FINISH their dissertation and earn their doctorate.

Schedule a free strategy call to talk with one of our coaches, who even used our coaching and earned their doctoral degree – someone who understands the emotions and challenges you are dealing with right now.


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